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Institute of Chartered Accountant of India is an institution formed by the
Indian Parliament through a special act in 1949. ICAI conducts and
qualifies one of the most prestigious and esteemed professions in India.

What is a Chartered Accountant ?

A Chartered Accountant (CA) is a financial expert who helps businesses
and individuals manage their money. They handle accounting, taxes,
auditing, and financial planning. Becoming a CA requires passing
tough exams and gaining real-world experience. CAs are
trusted for their skills and honesty, making them
key players in the finance world.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) offers it,
which qualifies you for Chartered Accountancy. This course
is open to anyone who's completed their 12th grade,
no matter what subjects you studied before.

Why become a CA ? 

Lots of Job

CAs are in super high demand, both in
India and abroad. You'll have tons of
companies ready to hire, with big salary

Be Your
Own Boss

You can also start your own practice,
becoming the financial expert for small to
big businesses.

Early Start,
Early Success

Starting your CA career journey right after
12th grade gives you a head start. By the
time your friends are just entering college,
you'll be well on your way to becoming a
financial expert. 


The CA qualification is highly respected
and recognized worldwide. This means you
have the flexibility to work in different
countries, providing you with global career
opportunities and the chance to
experience diverse cultures

Continuous Learning
and Growth

The CA profession involves continuous
learning and staying updated with the
latest financial regulations, laws, and
best practices. This ensures that you
are always improving your skills and
knowledge, making you a valuable asset
in any organization and enabling long-
term career growth.


Chartered Accountants are essential for
businesses of all sizes, ensuring
compliance with financial regulations and
maintaining financial health. This critical
role provides a high level of job security,
as companies will always need skilled
professionals to manage their finances.

How to become a CA ?

As far as the glamor of the profession comes, passing in CA is not easy. Some hurdles are there
which can be overcome with hard work. Mainly there are 3 levels for it.

CA Foundation

This is the first stage, basically your entrance exam to the world of CA. Anyone who’s passed their
12th grade can take it, regardless of their previous subjects. The period for this course is about 6
months, and by this time you can decide whether or not you can choose this journey.

Qualification: Any Plus Two


  • Paper-1: Accounting (100 MARKS)
  • Paper-2: Business Laws (100 MARKS)
  • Paper-3: Quantitative Aptitude (100 MARKS)
  • Paper-4: Business Economics (100 MARKS) <br>

Exams: Jan, June/May, Sept

Passed in CA Foundation? Congrats! Now you move on to the intermediate level, where things get a bit
more intense. You can now start to learn about accounting, auditing, and taxation.

Qualification: Any Plus Two


    • Paper-1: Advanced Accounting (100 MARKS)
    • Paper-2: Corporate and Other Laws (100 MARKS)
    • Paper-3: Taxation (100 MARKS)
    • Paper-4: Cost and Management Accounting (100 MARKS)
    • Paper-5: Auditing and Ethics (100 MARKS)

Exams: Jan, June/May, Sept

This is a crucial part of the Chartered Accountancy (CA) course, offering hands-on training for aspiring
CAs. Spanning three years, it is done under a practicing Chartered Accountant or an approved firm,
like ICAI in India. During Article ship, students gain real-world experience in accounting, auditing,
taxation, and financial management. This practical training helps them apply their theoretical
knowledge, develop professional skills, and understand the responsibilities of a CA.

Qualification: Intermediate (any group)/ B.Com (55%)/ Other Degree (60%)

This is the final exam! After passing the Intermediate level, you’ll take on even more challenging subjects and gain practical experience. Finishing this exam will officially make you a qualified Chartered Accountant. .

Qualification: Intermediate + PT


    • Paper-1: Financial Reporting 
    • Paper-2: Advanced Financial Management 
    • Paper-3: Advanced Auditing, Assurance and Professional Ethics
    • Paper-4: Direct Tax Laws & International Taxation
    • Paper-5: Indirect Tax Laws
    • Paper-6: Integrated Business Solutions (Multidisciplinary Case Study with Strategic Management)

Exams: May & Nov

The entire program takes about 4-5 years to complete. So, by the time you're in your early
twenties, you could be a fully qualified CA and you can have a successful career and life at a
young age.

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